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Do you have information about a crime?

If so, submit your information here anonymously. You may be eligible for a cash reward!

Tips submitted electronically through this website are encrypted, entirely confidential, completely anonymous and are immediately and securely transferred directly to the appropriate law enforcement agencies through a third-party program called TipSoft. Simply click the red Start box at the right to get started.

After submitting your tip, you will be provided with your own unique ID number that you will use when checking the status of your tip, adding more information or picking up your reward.

Never submit an emergency tip here.  Please call 911 if it is an emergency.

To call Crime Stoppers with a tip…
Call 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or 705-745-9000

Or, to submit your tip electronically simply click the red Start box at the right.

Calls are never recorded or traced. Crime Stoppers does not subscribe to call display.

Anonymous. Secure. Discreet.

What makes a good tip?

There are no bad tips, but what makes a good tip great is in the details!

When making a tip, please DO NOT give your name or address. We want you to remain ANONYMOUS.

If you are the victim of a crime, we cannot guarantee your anonymity as Police require the victim’s name to investigate. Please report your crime directly to your local police service.

When submitting your tip, please remember: WHO, WHEN, WHERE, WHAT, WHY and HOW. Provide as many details as possible.


    • Who is involved? Who is/are the victim(s) and/or the suspect(s)?
    • Provide their full name, nicknames and/or alias they go by.
    • Provide their description: age, race, height, weight, hair (length, style, colour), eye (colour, do they wear glasses/contacts), typical clothing and any identifying features (scars, marks or tattoos).
    • Provide their employment or school information and their schedule if you know it.
    • Provide their address.


    • When did the crime occur?
    • Provide the date and time.
    • Provide how long the crime occurred for or how long it has been going on for.


    • Where did the crime occur?
    • Where does the suspect(s) live?
    • Name the city, nearest cross streets, and address.
    • Provide a description of the location.


    • What type of crime are you reporting? (Please provide details)
    • What did the suspect(s) do?


    • Why did the crime happen? (Was there a reason for it to occur on a certain date and/or time?)


    • How did the crime happen? (For example if it is a drug crime, how does the dealer sell drugs).
    • How did you become aware of the crime? (Did you witness it, overhear someone talking about it, etc.)
    • How many people are aware of the crime?
    • How did you know to contact Crime Stoppers? (social media, website, newspaper, road signs etc.)

    Video: How to Submit a Web Tip

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