Guns Stolen from Brighton Residence

(NORTHUMBERLAND, ON) –Officers from the Northumberland Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are currently investigating a break and enter that occurred during the day time hours at residence on Bullis Road in the Municipality of Brighton.

Sometime between 7:15 am and 3:00 pm on April 29, 2019 a home on Bullis Road was entered while the residents were at work. Upon returning home the home owner discovered that a gun cabinet containing five (5) firearms was missing as well as a jewelry box that contained a gold heart-shaped locket on a gold chain, and some old money including five Canadian one dollar bills that were laminated and in sequence.

The stolen firearms are described as:


  • Cooey brand, 22 long rifle caliber bolt action rifle with a copper butt plate
  • 1918 Lee Enfield brand mark 3 model 303 caliber bolt action rifle with no magazine
  • Baikal brand single shot , break action 12 gauge shot gun
  • Weatherby, 12 gauge pump action shotgun, model PA-08 with scope, serial #117164
  • 12 gauge Mossberg bolt action shotgun with a detachable two round magazine and a fixed full choke on the end
  • Unknown branded camo pellet gun
  • 22 long rifle ammunition.(unknown amount)
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