Telephone Scams

Peterborough Police Service continues to receive calls about telephone scams and are reminding residents to be extra vigilant.

Recently, a Peterborough woman in her 80’s reported a call she had received to police.  The caller identified himself as her grandson and said she needed to send money electronically to get him out of jail.  The woman ended the phone call and confirmed that her grandson was not in jail and did not send any money.

If you receive a call that requires an urgent transfer of money or call requesting personal information:

  1. Say no to the request
  2. Take the time to do research
  3. Never give out personal information
  4. Beware of any upfront fees
  5. Report the incident to your local police service or through the Canada Anti-Fraud Centre

For more information on how to protect yourself from fraud check out the Canada Ant-Fraud Centre:

To report a non-emergency fraud, call 705-876-1122 or report it online at

If it is an emergency call 9-1-1.

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